From Port to Peregian Beach, via Wollongong and Port

We left Port Macquarie to take Ella and Lily back to Wollongong and had a pleasant drive in good weather. They were glad to see Mick again and we spent a couple of days together before we took them back to Nadine on the Sunday.
From there, we headed north again, for the warmer weather. It was quite a bit colder again around Sydney.  Driving out of Sydney on a Sunday is a good way to do it. The traffic is light with little or no roadworks, and we soon driving over the Sydney Harbour bridge.

Port Gong n Yamba 006

We didn’t say no traffic but this is light for the Harbour Bridge, it is often a parking lot.
Not long afterwards we were stopping for lunch by the Hawkesbury River.

Port Gong n Yamba 019

We had another good drive north, and made good time back to Port Macquarie where we stayed for the night.
We couldn’t get in to the Port Pacific, so we stayed at the Mantra Observatory, a bit further round by the surf beaches. The view from our balcony –

Port Gong n Yamba 054

As Adrian and Amber are intending to settle near Coffs Harbour on the NSW north coast after they return from France, we thought we would have a scout around the area as we passed by the next day. They are thinking Sawtell for its proximity to family, the town of Coffs Harbour and its airport, so we stopped for another lunch on the headland.

There were some Humpback Whales also heading north so we had some entertainment, though we couldn’t get a good photo.
The view looking south, lots of beach and surf.

Port Gong n Yamba 096

That night we stayed in Yamba in a very similar place to Mantra in Port, here’s Roger having breakfast on our balcony.

Qld 003

We walked up to a lighthouse on the headland and had a good view of the mouth of the Clarence River and the coast stretching away to the north towards Ballina, Byron Bay and Queensland.

Qld 065

We saw an impressive mural on the wall of a local house, an aggressive looking fish, made entirely of pieces of driftwood.

Qld 027

We made good time up to the Gold Coast to spend the weekend with Kristy, Tim, Sue and Alex.

We had a fairly relaxing time there, walking on the beach most days. Here we are one day at Mermaid Beach with Alex.

Qld 127

Looking for pippies, taking seagulls for walks, all good fun.

Qld 138

Last Monday we moved on past Brisbane to Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast, and it’s just beautiful.
This looking south towards Coolum.

Peregian 003

Looking north towards Sunshine Beach and Noosa.

Qld 146

Busy isn’t it?
The weather is exactly what we were hoping for when we left Melbourne, low to mid 20s C, light breezes, little or no cloud, perfeck!
We are looking forward to a lovely August.


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  1. Looks good – we’re flying to Qld tomorrow & spending 10 days at Surfers Paradise – staying at the Beachcomber. We’re looking forward to some pleasantly warm days.

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