Catching Up

We are still having a great time at Peregian, in perfect weather and conditions.

We have taken the opportunity to catch up some friends who live in SE Queensland.

Helen and John live in Nambour and we drove out to their house and on up to the Hinterland behind them for lunch.  The Hinterland is part of the Great Eastern Ranges corridor of hills and mountains that stretches 3700 km from Victoria to northern Queensland above Cairns, and generally provides good views of the coastal plain between it and the sea.

This day the view was a bit hazy, with controlled bush burns under way to reduce the risk of bushfire in the coming summer.

Peregian 008

No matter, we had a good time catching up with Helen and John who moved up here from Melbourne nearly 10 years ago.

Peregian 016

They are both well and enjoying themselves up here, really haven’t changed much since the last time that we saw them in 2010.

We went to Le Relais Bressan for lunch, a French Restaurant which is a favourite of theirs for a very nice lunch indeed.

Peregian 018

It was good seeing John and Helen again, we’ll try not to make it another 7 years before we catch up again.

Another day, we drove down to Redcliffe, a northern suburb of Brisbane to see another of Heather’s friends, Eleanor, who we also hadn’t seen for many years.

Redcliffe 079

Eleanor’s husband has passed in that time, but she is very well and active in the area.

Redcliffe is situated on Moreton Bay and has a good beachy foreshore which is well used by locals and tourists.

Redcliffe 086

The Bee Gees grew up in the area, and the local council has established a ‘Walk of Fame’ that honours their lives and careers.  Some local residents have criticised the council for their ‘waste of money’ but we thought it was excellent and well worth the visit.

Redcliffe 028

Their music is playing in the background, and there are a lot of old photos and videos of the group as they grew up and developed their talents.

There is a bronze statue modelled on them as they first appeared on Bandstand in the early 1960s.

Redcliffe 029

There is another statue of them as they appeared at the height of their popularity.

Redcliffe 031

We had a good day seeing Eleanor again, then back to Peregian.

We are still walking on the beach every day.  The water is beautifully clear, but it’s a good thing that we’re not here for the surf.

Redcliffe 023

We saw a container ship passing in the shipping channel, the ship’s hull was below the horizon so there were just all these containers seemingly out there floating on the ocean.

Redcliffe 091

Very unusual.

There is a full moon this week so the tide is quite high and of course, the fishermen all come out at dusk.  They do pretty well too.

Redcliffe 092

So life is good at Peregian.


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