Rain, Rain go Away

Wigrams Turn Marina, Oxford Canal, 5 Miles, 0 Locks

Total for this trip – 333 Miles, 196 Locks

Total for all our Canal Trips – 4,270 Miles, 2,879 Locks

We have been really lucky with the weather this year, it hasn’t been warm but we haven’t been cold.  It has been windy at times, but nothing that we couldn’t handle or that put us into trouble.  We have had some showers of rain but very little when we were actually driving the boat.

Today made up for that, we had steady rain, all day.  Luckily we didn’t have far to go to return to our home marina mooring, it only took about 1½ hours.

3 Wigrams 001

We couldn’t see much of it today but this is normally a pretty stretch between Braunston and Napton, with historic farmlands, sheep and cattle to watch as we glide by.

3 Wigrams 004

Roger drove CK and as you can see, he was very wet.

3 Wigrams 006

His Wild Country coat from Rays Outdoors is very effective as a waterproof coat.  He was layered up so warm and completely dry inside.   It’s a shame that Rays don’t sell coats like that anymore.

We thought about our friends Marilyn & John and how sad it is for them as John has never been out on the canals before and to get such a horrible day.  They are only out for five days.

We usually take a photo of our last bridge of a cruise but today we took it from under the bridge.  Much dryer.

3 Wigrams 007

Once we had moored and Roger had stripped off his wet coat and hat, we set about starting the inevitable cleaning and packing that comes at the end of a cruise.

Our hire car was delivered to us so we took our washing to the Laundrette and did a bit of shopping in nearby Daventry.

3 Wigrams 009

The scene on the road was the same as the canal, except that Roger didn’t get wet while driving.

In the evening the rain eased then stopped and all was peaceful again.

3 Wigrams 011

Welcome home CK, we are looking forward to seeing you all painted up in your new finery next year.

You’ve given us another fun and problem free cruise.


One comment

  1. Just to say congratulations on your new little grandson, you must be excited and looking forward to seeing him.

    Have a safe journey home, look forward to catching up.

    Love, Marie.

    Sent from my iPad


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